Is LinkedIn Premium worth the price?

First of all, only use the trial IF you have already decided on your LinkedIn strategy!

My review:

  • The Inmail feature is overpriced
  • The “Featured Applicant” feature does not work for SEO
  • You can look at more people that viewed your profile – marginally useful
  • You get more results from your people searches – can be very useful

Verdict: most people do not need a premium package, but it is worth trying for free for a month once you have mapped out your strategy.

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How to get free InMails from LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn still allows 15 free InMails per month to its free users?

It’s true! You can still send 15 free messages to group members. Since premium InMails cost up to $10 each (yes you read that right!), you will want to take full advantage of this feature. It’s pretty easy to use once you have found who you want to reach out to. Check out the video below for a 2 minute tutorial.

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FREE WEBINAR RECORDING | Network through LinkedIn

FREE WEBINAR RECORDING | Network through LinkedIn | Strategies from an Executive Recruiter

Would you like to improve your chances of finding a new position, move into a more senior role, or sell more services?

If so, then this webinar is for you!

We guarantee that if you use these techniques, you will improve your chances of landing a new job and more effectively manage your career.

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If you see LinkedIn as a simple place to store your resume, then think again! It is simply the most powerful online business networking tool, which you need to master to find a new job.


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